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Take Advantage of Omaha Animal Medical Group's Veterinary, Boarding, and Grooming Services

Here at Omaha Animal Medical Group, veterinarian Dr. Rod Van Horn and the veterinary hospital team offer a full range of veterinary, boarding, and grooming services to pets throughout Omaha, Millard, Bennington, Elkhorn, and Fort Calhoun. From diagnostic and dental procedures to surgeries and intensive care, our professional team is equipped to provide your pet with all the veterinary services they need to get and stay healthy. Additional services include professional grooming and boarding, preventive care, behavioral counseling, and an in-house pharmacy.

All Your Pet's Veterinary Needs in One Location

Some vets will make a diagnosis, write a prescription, and send you to a local pharmacy to pick up your pet's medications. But Dr. Van Horn is not one of those vets. Omaha Animal Medical Group strives to provide all the veterinary services your pet needs under one roof. From vaccinations and other preventive care to reasonably-priced prescription medications from our in-house pharmacy, we have it all.

Our services begin, but definitely do not end, with diagnostic testing facilities to help Dr. Van Horn pinpoint the specific cause of your pet's ailment. We can perform X-rays, EKGs, and laboratory testing on-site to speed the diagnostic process and get your pet on the path to health sooner. Omaha Animal Medical Group is a fully equipped animal hospital with the latest in state-of-the art testing and diagnostic equipment.

Sometimes, the pets we treat may need surgery or hospitalization. Our modern surgical suite is equipped with everything necessary for emergency, routine, and advanced surgical procedures. Our staff uses up-to-date support techniques and the latest equipment to care for hospitalized pets. While your pet is hospitalized with us, he will enjoy the watchful care of the entire staff, and we will be sure to keep you posted on his progress with daily reports.

We also offer a full range of preventive and routine care here at Omaha Animal Medical Group. Keep your pet's mouth healthy with complete oral care, including checkups, cleanings, and more advanced dental procedures like root canals or extractions. Other routine and preventive care services we provide include:

  • Wellness visits and vaccinations
  • Skin, eye, and ear care
  • Preventive health programs
  • Treatment for bone, respiratory, and joint problems
  • Nutritional, behavioral, and grief counseling
  • Pet health insurance plans

Grooming is an important part of keeping your pet healthy, because it allows our veterinary staff to check your pet for signs of skin disease and illness. Allowing our grooming staff to regularly groom your pet supports the health of his skin and coat. It also keeps him feeling and looking great.

Going out of town? Our boarding services guarantee a healthy, safe environment for your pet while you are away. Your pet will get plenty of exercise and affection, and our veterinary staff is well equipped to administer any necessary medications or deal with any health emergencies that may arise. 

At Omaha Animal Medical Group, we offer all the veterinary services your pet needs. Call 402-496-6075 to learn more.

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